Dales Burger Shack

This week we wanted to feature a local restaurant that is celebrating their 2nd anniversary. Dale’s Burger Shack opened their doors July 7, 2017, and has been slinging some amazing patties ever since. Tucked away next to Westroads Liquor in the Murdale shopping center, their menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs, specialty sandwiches, and creative loaded fries.

This trip, we ventured from our normal burger choices, and opted to try a couple recommendations from members of this group. We had the ahi tuna burger, a fresh take for a burger joint. This thick cut tuna is well seasoned and served with the usual fixings on a hearty bun. It is cooked well done, so I recommend a generous slather of mustard and mayo, as the creaminess goes great with the flaky fish.

The beyond burger was our other new try, and is a welcome addition to their meat centric menu. This vegetarian burger has great flavor, and is a wonderful choice when you want a meat patty alternative. It almost perfectly mimics the texture and smokiness of a beef patty, making it an easy transition for those that may be looking to add a new option to their regular diet. Again served up with all the regular burger fixings, you’d be hard pressed to realize you weren’t biting into a juicy “hamburger”.

With my love for reubens, I couldn’t pass up the reuben loaded fries. They take their house cut fries and smother them with corned beef, sauerkraut, melty swiss cheese, and creamy 1000 island dressing. The result is this tasty mashup up of sweet, sour, cheesy, meaty goodness. It definitely throws its hat into the the infamous Carbondale reuben ring, but with an entirely different spin on the classic sandwich.

This is a must try for those who enjoy a great local burger joint. As with any made to order restaurant, expect a few extra minutes of waiting. Or you can call your order in in advance to lessen the wait time at the restaurant.

Happy anniversary, Dale’s Burger Shack! We wish you many more, and can’t wait to see what other new eats you bring to Southern Illinois!

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