This week our featured restaurant is Wildfires located in Vienna, Illinois. They feature delicious burgers, pork chops and their amazing horseshoes! But we decided to go on a special day. Sunday: All you can eat fried chicken and fixins’ served family style.

This Sunday tradition is done by many restaurants in many cities around the country. But at Wildfires you are greeted like old friends and seated quickly to enjoy this very American feast. Their fried chicken was hot, crispy, crunchy, and very well seasoned. One of my favorite parts of the fried chicken is the lightly battered skins and doused with hot sauce. That is definitely the best way to enjoy them. The chicken is always served piping hot and fresh, as we can hear the staff waiting on fresh batches to serve the eager and hungry customers. Their fixins’ come out non-stop with as much corn, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and dinner rolls as you can eat. Eat them separately or like Keesha LaDawn Lo, you can pile the corn on mashed potatoes then drown in with gravy.

As we are sure you guys have noticed by now….we seldom have room for dessert. But seeing others enjoy it and light teasing from our waitress, we ordered the strawberry creme and the ding dong cake. Both cakes are made in house and it shows. The strawberry cake is fluffy, airy and topped with the the strawberry creme; is to die for. The chocolate ding dong cake is equally as good, the cake is layered with a sweet marshmallow creme and pairs with the fluffy cake really well. Wash it down with their great sweet tea, Its a definitely a place worth coming back again and again.

We will have to return to try the other delicious items on the menu and we will update our review then! Thanks for reading everyone and go out try them out! https://www.facebook.com/bankswildfires/

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