“Fired Up” Sweet & Spicy Salmon

We had heard so much about Fired Up Jellies and Jams products, from everyone, especially our friends over at Printing Plant LLC Well, we can officially confirm, the hype is real! William Lo and I were super excited when we got to sample some of their awesome Strawberry Habanero Jelly, and couldn’t wait to try it out in a few recipes.

They suggested pairing it with shrimp and salmon, so that is exactly what we did. We love making sweet and spicy glazed salmon at our house. It is quick, easy, and you can adapt the recipe with about any ingredients you have on hand. This worked perfectly to fit into our makeshift recipe. I also like to cook my salmon in a stovetop grill pan. It gives it that little bit of extra something that you get from grilling, but without all the hassle.

First off, get your pan heating up, that way it is nice and hot, and sticks less as you cook the salmon. Next, sprinkle your salmon filets with a good pinch of salt and pepper, some garlic powder, dried minced onion, smoked paprika, and a little dried parsley. Adjust the spices according to your personal tastes. Drizzle a little pan lube of your choice over your hot skillet, and carefully brush it around. You want enough oil for the salmon to not stick, but not so much that it is frying in the oil. Now, go ahead and lay the salmon presentation side down first. This next step is super important: DON’T MOVE IT! Don’t be tempted to move it, touch it, lift it, push it, etc. Just let the skillet work its magic. Once you get a good sear going, the delicate fish will release from the pan. If you move it too much, it will stick and won’t look as nice. Once the top is seared, go ahead and flip them over to continue cooking. In a small bowl, thoroughly whisk together 2 tablespoons of the Strawberry Habanero Jelly with the juice from 1 lemon. Now, brush this over the top as it continues to cook. Do this a few times until the salmon skin is nicely crisped on the bottom, and the filet is cooked to your liking.

I personally prefer mine medium rare to medium. But an easy way to tell if your salmon is done is the fork test. Take the back of a fork and lightly press down on the top of the salmon. If it starts to move apart/flake, it is done. You want it to be lightly flaky, but not have a lot of the albumin (a.k.a. white gunky stuff) seeping out. I served mine with some snappy grilled asparagus, an extra spoon of the jelly to dip, some cilantro, and some roasted marinated garlic cloves. ( I LOVE garlic, so don’t judge the amount of garlic in my photo ??) It was absolutely perfect. I don’t like things that are super spicy, and normally, the word habanero would make me turn and run. But this is a nice, flavorful, lightly lingering heat that is in no way uncomfortable or overpowering. The sweetness is perfect without having to add any honey like our original recipe calls for. Anywho, that’s all for tonight. Hopefully you all have a very happy holiday, and as always, Happy Eating!!

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